Health & Health Services Information – Volume 4 – Issue 2


Hello friends! Welcome back. We are happy to meet you again through the second issue from volume 4
of this journal. We will be presenting 4 new articles in this issue from different fields related to health and
health services. The issue starts with 12th article of the series (Prakruti – Your Body-Mind Blueprint) from Ayurveda section. Dr.(Vaidya) Ashlesha Raut has explained about (Kapha) prakruti in this article.

The type of exercise beneficial for the person having kapha prakruti. Overall nature of the person having kapha prakruti and how to overcome the shortfalls associated with this type of prakruti. This article concludes the series on Prakruti- Your body mind blue print.

In the second article Dr. Atul Prabhu has explained us about the ‘Functional constipation’ in children. He educates us about criteria required to diagnose constipation in a child. Why does it occur. What are its effect on the child. How to manage it and more importantly how to prevent it. In a manner which is simple and easy to understand.

Dr. Runa Khale has explained in detail about Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the third article of this issue. Snoring is a relatively common condition, But in some individual it is associated witha much serious condition called as Obstructive sleep Apnea. Article tells us about how does it affect an individual, to whom does it affect. How to diagnose it, how to differentiate it from snoring with an emphasis on treatment planning and its management.

In the fourth and the last article from this issue we are starting a new serious related to Mediclaim insurance. The first article from this series explains about what is an insurance, what are its basic types, What is a mediclaim insurance, need for a mediclaim insurance and who can opt for it.

With these four articles we conclude the second issue from Volume 4 of Exponent group of Journals for
Health and Health services information.

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