Health & Health Services Information – Volume 4 – Issue 1


Hi friends it’s a pleasure meeting all of you again. We are happy to come up with the first issue of Volume 4 of this journal. Our lifestyle is progressing day by day from being bad to worse, causing a rapid rise in number of different types of diseases and health problems. These health problems are not limited to a single person but the entire community is suffering from it. Most of the time it happens because of lack in knowledge about the basic information regarding health and lifestyle issues and their preventive measures. In this issue the authors have tried to explain some of the common health problems in an easy and simplified manner along with a note on measures to prevent them.  Continuing the series on Prakruti from Ayurvedic medicine, Dr.A. Raut has explained in her article about the lifestyle guidelines necessary for the people with Vata Prakruti to balance the particular dosha.

When we eat how does the food travel to our stomach/ to our intestines? How does our digestive system look? A lot of such questions can come into our mind regarding our digestive system, as the organs of this system such as Stomach, intestine, etc. are present inside our body and are not visible outside. In the second article Dr. Deepak Khedekar has explained about anatomy of the human Digestive System in a way that is simple and easy to understand, covering each and every detail.

World Health Organization has declared 24th March every year as the World Tuberculosis Day to create an awareness about tuberculosis. The cases of tuberculosis are rising again all over the world and also in India. In this issue Dr. Shruti Prabhu has explained us everything about tuberculosis including its treatment preventive measures, in a simple way. Nowadays hardly anybody ventures into the sunlight by choice. Job requirements and busy schedule being the reason behind this but it is jeopardizing the vitamin D levels of the people at large. Dr. Shilpa Mestry in her article on Vitamin-D has explained us about How Vitamin D is formed in the human body, what are its dietary sources, what happens to our body in the case of vitamin D deficiency and why it is necessary to have a Sufficient Vitamin D in our body. It also sheds a light on the corrective measures for vitamin D deficiency.

Every year rainy season brings a number of diseases and health problems along with it. And Dengue is the king of them. The stagnant water provides a good shelter for Dengue mosquito for breeding. That is the reason dengue fever cases peak during the rainy season. Dr. Umesh Shirodkar has explained in his article on dengue fever about how it is caused?, Signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment. With a note on laboratory tests required for the diagnosis and their significance.

Hope we have satisfied you with the articles on common health and lifestyle realted problems and how to prevent them. We will try to keep on updating you about the information regarding health and health services in the upcoming issues.

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