Health & Health Services Information – Volume 3 – Issue 4


This issue of the journal features articles that are beneficial to all of us. The article on osteoporosis features all the changes that take place in the bones due to decrease in the calcium content. It goes on to explain the causes of osteoporosis and how to prevent this rising disorder.

The article on psychiatry by Dr. Vibhute goes on to detail how vit. D levels affect the mental functioning and how decrease in the vid d levels can precipitate a range of psychiatric disorders and the benefits of vitamin d from the mental perspective.

The article on prakriti will appeal to the person who has a Kapha prakriti. The various characteristics and the various solutions to the problems faced by the person with Kapha prakriti are dealt with well in the article.

Dr. Narsikar has dealt with the article on chest trauma well in his series and explained what sort of injuries give rise to chest traumas what are the effects of these injuries and what to do in case of such injuries. The article on bryonia by dr. kamlesh gives us an interesting insight to the notion that shows that the root of all problems exists in the mind and what are the effects of certain mental conditions on the physical wellbeing of a person.

Finally the article on blood shows us that are the basic components of blood and what is the use of each of these components. The article describes how the blood helps in maintaining the proper working of the body.

Wishing that this season is filled with all the pleasures of life for all of the readers of the journal and hoping to see you soon with the next issue of the journal.

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