Health & Health Services Information – Volume 3 – Issue 3


The health and health information journal has been progressing well. We now have articles coming in that deal with all the three branches of prevention and therapy so as to keep all of us healthy. This issue takes a step further. While speaking to some of the readers, we realized that basic human body and its working is somewhat of a mystery to majority of us. So as a step in this direction, we started a series that in this issue describes the working of the human heart. It is a good read and the right place to get started with regard to the working of the body.

The change of weather brings about sore throats and this topic has been tackled in this issue as well. Here brief knowledge of the malady along with some basic things to prevent the problem that is described. Similarly the topic of sinusitis is also tackled here in. Dr. Raut has written a very good piece describing the  final type of prakriti and thus detailed the reason why we are as we are. Reading this, we will be able to understand each other better as a person’s behavior is influenced by his prakriti.

Dr. Shivangi has written a wonderful piece on susceptibility describing how an organism falls sick and why different people though exposed to the same agent are never affected to the same extent. It is an eye opening article that goes deeper into what causes diseases and how homeopathy treats them. Finally the article by Dr. Narsikar on blast injuries makes us aware of what sort of trauma the body experiences during blasts and the points that we must be aware of while assisting the authorities in case of such a calamity.

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