Health & Health Services Information – Volume 3 – Issue 2


The winter season gives way to a bright and hot summer. Just as winter traditionally marks the end of one phase of the nature cycle and summer the start of a new life cycle, observe how nature and life itself changes around us. The warm woolens give way to loose light clothes and demand for coolers like icecream and soft drinks soars. Well then, when excess of any kind occurs, can health issues stay far behind? No, and children are the most affected. Previously we had seen tonsillitis in one of our issues. This time we will see another such topic i.e. Adenoiditis. The article will describe and create awareness about this important topic. Since summers are getting hotter each passing year, there is a need for us to be aware of what such a cruel sun can cause. The article on heat stroke does just this elaborating what protection we must take to prevent this condition.

The series on trauma continues with an article on abdominal trauma and what we can do to help ourselves and those around us in such an event. The article on prakriti previously described our body types. This time we are being made aware of the ideal food that a person should take. As is always said that what we take in decides what we are and what we become, the article describes the important food sources for the proper functioning of the Vata Body type.

The article on Dysfunctional Uterine bleed tackles an important cause of female mental and physical health and what care needs to be taken under such circumstances and what to expect in case of a visit to the doctor due to this reason. Finally the article on aphorism is a peeping hole into the mind of man and how a stronger similar force nullifies the effects of weaker similar force. Thus affecting our life and what is to be done to correct this.

To conclude, there is a major concern with regard to the advent of swine flu. So kindly be aware of this problem and take care of your body as it is the only one we have and remember health is wealth.

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